Parvati Himalaya Adventure

Our Trekking 

Walking through this exceptional landscape and sleeping in a tent is the ideal way to enjoy this wild environment to the full.

The scenery, full of redwood pines, giant rhododendrons and bamboo forests, is home to monkeys, bears, leopards, gores, eagles, vultures and other types of birds.


Ladakh is divided in five valleys according to its rivers : Zanskar, Nubra, Indus, Suru and Drass


People of this Buddhist region, close to Tibetan way of life,   are living into a mineral and rainless environment.

Discover fantastic and isolated landscapes, high altitude’s lakes, powerful rivers and deep canyons.

Parvati River/ Pin Parvati Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate and Advanced
Season : Spring and Autumn
Nomber of days : 13


Departing from Manikaran (1800m) up to Barshani, the terminus (end) of the road.

Then in the direction of Khir Ganga, with its hot springs laid out in an outstanding surrounding for a first night "under the stars".

The pine trees give way to birches and other multicolored rhododendrons, the valley widens to view the splendid panorama where snowy mountains and the Parvati River are the sanctuary of eagles and vultures.


Difficulty : Intermediate
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 7


Approaching the Spiti Valley by way of the Pin Pass (5,400m) as far as Mud, and then making your way to the Bhaba Pass (4,800m) and the Kinnaur region, is definitely one of the most beautiful treks you can undertake in this region.

We also offer the possibility of starting the trek in Mud itself.

On this trek you will experience Spiti’s unusually parched scenery, its isolated monasteries and the solitude of Pin Valley, before swinging across to the Kinnaur region via the Bhaba Pass.

Chanderkahni Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 6


Visit Naggar Castle, the Russian Art Gallery and Malana; fully independent.

This is a magnificent trek linking-up three valleys (Kullu, Malana, Parvati), where the landscape constantly changes.

The trip leaves from the village of Naggar in the Kullu Valley, and heads in the direction of Chanderkahni Pass (3,600m).

Beas Kund

Difficulty : Easy
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 4


This trek leaves by taxi-jeep from Manali, taking you as far as Solang.

you’ll come across the curious "Sports Shop Road" which continues on to Rothang Pass; the town of Solang is often seen as the ski resort of Manali.

The first day of this trek to Beas Kund brings you to the base camp.

Sara Umga Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 9


This trek leaves from Manikaran, heading as far as Bersiani, and then in the direction of Tosh – the final village before making the crossing to Manali.

Following the route of the Tosh River through a dense pine forest, you will cross both medium and high altitude mountain pastures, before reaching the Tosh Glacier.

You will enjoy magnificent scenery all along the Sara Umga Pass (4,800m) and during the descent towards Shilgri and Chota Dara.

Phanghchi Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate and Advanced
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 7


This trek brings you to Sainj Valley from the Parvati Valley, crossing the Phanghchi Pass (4,600m).

You will set off from Pulga (the last village in the region) in the direction of Bandag with its enormous pine trees, then pass alongside the immense Basuki Nag (5400m) mountain range.

Here the path climbs towards the mountain pass, crossing through gorgeous rhododendron forests.