Parvati Himalaya Adventure

Our Freeride 

Parvati Himalayan Adventure offers itinerries in the winter Parvati Valley for 10 years.

Snow trip in mountain house and in-tent, a unique experience to live in nature.

From early February to late April, snow conditions are excellent and varied.

Average altitude 3500m, at the upper limit of the forest, opportunities to "make his mark" are endless.


Season : March/April
Nomber of days : 15


This is a superb spot for ski-touring in the springtime snow.

At the foot of the Basuki Nag range (5,400m), Bandag is the starting point for some truly extraordinary ski-tours.

Here we set up our camp in tents (off the snow), sheltered by a think granite block reaching 3,000m, where the changes in altitude and the possibilities for descending are almost unlimited.


Season : February/March
Nomber of days : 15


Grotta is the name of a refuge built in 2001 by a group of skiers and snowboarders who are passionate about the mountains.

Located right in the middle of an immense mountain pasture at 3,400m,

Sheltered by a huge boulder and close to its own natural water source, Grotta is a magical place to hike, ski and snowboard.