Parvati Himalaya Adventure

Parvati River/ Pin Parvati Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate and Advanced
Season : Spring and Autumn
Nomber of days : 13

Departing from Manikaran (1800m) up to Barshani, the terminus (end) of the road.

Then in the direction of Khir Ganga, with its hot springs laid out in an outstanding surrounding for a first night "under the stars".

The pine trees give way to birches and other multicolored rhododendrons, the valley widens to view the splendid panorama where snowy mountains and the Parvati River are the sanctuary of eagles and vultures.

Higher pastures replace the forest, and as of the month of June, the shepherds arrive with their huge herds of goats and sheep.

After passing the "Kullu Eiger", the scenery becomes more mineral before reaching 4100m to discover the Mantalai Lake.

After a day of rest and acclimatization, the last big effort for the passage of the "Pin Pass" (at 5400m) before plunging into the Pin Valley.

The visual change is radical with an arid/dry nature with extraordinary colors.

Welcome to the Spiti, Budddhist region close to the Tibetan way of life.


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