Parvati Himalaya Adventure

Chanderkahni Pass

Difficulty : Intermediate
Season : May/June and September/October
Nomber of days : 6

Visit Naggar Castle, the Russian Art Gallery and Malana; fully independent.

This is a magnificent trek linking-up three valleys (Kullu, Malana, Parvati), where the landscape constantly changes.

The trip leaves from the village of Naggar in the Kullu Valley, and heads in the direction of Chanderkahni Pass (3,600m).

There will be two pleasant days of walking through the apple groves, pastures and forest of Dodar (Cedrus deodara).

Next, you will make the steep descent towards the tiny village of Malana, a place rich with legends and surprising discoveries, where you will meet a fascinating community that has been isolated from the rest of the world for centuries.

Once you cross Manala Valley, you will discover Parvati Valley and the Manikaran Towers (5,400m), before passing your final night in a mountain refuge in the wilderness.

Spectacular!! The final day will be spent trekking down to Manikaran to take advantage of the refreshing hot spring baths.


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