Parvati Himalaya Adventure


Season : February/March
Nomber of days : 15

Grotta is the name of a refuge built in 2001 by a group of skiers and snowboarders who are passionate about the mountains.

Located right in the middle of an immense mountain pasture at 3,400m,

Sheltered by a huge boulder and close to its own natural water source, Grotta is a magical place to hike, ski and snowboard.

Surrounded by the Manikaran Towers (5,400m), and the Malana Ridge, you’re sure to have incredible experiences in the pure-white snow and the sumptuous scenery.

After an intense day of activity, you’ll be grateful for the warmth and comfort to be found in Grotta, allowing you to recover while enjoying the sunset over the Manikaran Towers.

The best season to visit is definitely February – March.

It’s important to note that this area can only be reached with snow-shoes or ski touring skins, after several hours of walking.


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