Parvati Himalaya Adventure


Season : March/April
Nomber of days : 15

This is a superb spot for ski-touring in the springtime snow.

At the foot of the Basuki Nag range (5,400m), Bandag is the starting point for some truly extraordinary ski-tours.

Here we set up our camp in tents (off the snow), sheltered by a think granite block reaching 3,000m, where the changes in altitude and the possibilities for descending are almost unlimited.

Bandag is one day’s walk from Kirganga, famous for its sacred hot springs – that’s 40 degree water at 3,000m – definitely not to be missed!

The best season to visit Bandag is from the end of March to April.

As with Grotta, this area is reached with snow-shoes or ski touring skins, after several hours of walking.


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